About Me

Nicholas Griswold stands as a vibrant figure within the competitive spirit of Pennsylvania's alcohol industry. Born in the bustling city of Philadelphia, he is a determined and ambitious individual deeply committed to his work, hobbies, and causes close to his heart.


Having spent his youth enveloped in the scenic beauty of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, he developed a robust passion for outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and camping. This commitment to being active extended to his love of sports, specifically tennis and golf. He imbibed a competitive spirit from these athletic pursuits and applied it within the sports field and other aspects of his life.

As an outdoor enthusiast and sports aficionado, the tenets of hard work, teamwork, and perseverance, rooted in his athletic experiences, influenced his character, demeanor, and approach to business. His career journey, guided by these virtues, began with his college studies at Colorado State University and Miami University of Ohio.


Completing his formal education, he ventured into the thriving beverage industry. What began as an entry-level position expanded into a 7-year professional journey, culminating in a successful role as the Chief Sales Officer, excelling in the alcohol industry. He discovered a deep-seated passion for craft beverages and innovative food pairings, often exploring unique bars and restaurants in Philly to feed his curiosity.

The highlight of Nicholas' career undoubtedly resides in establishing his family business, Mayne & Co., which he co-founded with his brother and sister in 2020. This venture witnessed a remarkable progression in not just their product line but also their reputation, eventually gaining recognition as one of the best-canned cocktail purveyors in Delish magazine. The establishment and growth of Mayne & Co reflect his entrepreneurial spirit, ability to work efficiently within a team, unyielding perseverance, and hard work.

Hobby and its Impact

Apart from his professional endeavors, he finds immense solace in playing tennis—an interest he adopted from his mother from an early age. His love for tennis stems not just from its physical benefits but also from the competitive environment it fosters, allowing him to channel his sportsmanship away from work. Recalling the initial days he started taking lessons after his mother's influence, he developed an enduring love for the game, making tennis an essential part of his life.

Philanthropic Engagement

Nightly, he has demonstrated a commitment to his community and toward welfare. Since 2013, he has been actively volunteering at the Nuangola Lake Association, aiding in planning and setting up for their annual events. His involvement in charitable work showcases a side of his personality dedicated to giving back to society, engaging with community members, and enriching people's lives with his contributions.

Nicholas Griswold exemplifies virtues intrinsic to his persona through his career, hobbies, and charitable works. As we delve deeper into his life, these virtues become increasingly more noticeable and genuinely define who he is—a sportsman, an entrepreneur, a hard worker, and a compassionate individual passionately engaged in building a better world around him.


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